How to Fix Grainy Photos?

If you are pretty specific about the picture quality of your photos, chances are you have sometimes found yourself complaining about photos clicked in low-light conditions, say at night or indoors. These images generally have tiny speckles (referred to as grains) scattered everywhere on photos’ surface and give them a dizzy look, and hence the name grainy photos.

What causes grainy photos?

Grainy photos are the result of imperfection of camera sensors. The digital camera image sensor is responsible for capturing and processing information about the light that enters the camera through the camera lens.

Noise is always associated with devices that receive or transmit signals. Here, as camera sensors receive signals in the form of light, an element of noise is introduced. However, strong signals can overpower the effect of noise and may make it unnoticeable to significant levels.

causes grainy photos

In the case of low signal (low amount of light present in the surroundings), signal to noise ratio (SNR) decreases and noise becomes
more blatant.

(Noise is measured as Signal to Noise Ratio. The higher is SNR, the lower the noise.)

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Best way to fix grainy photos

It is impossible to remove the factor of noise but it can be reduced considerably by the use of third-party application such as our product Noise Reducer Pro. Although, there are settings that one can tweak in their digital cameras to get decent photos with minimum level of noise, using Noise Reducer Pro will definitely help you to fix grainy photos without any hassles.

Noise Reducer Pro has taken all the complexities out of equation to provide users with a simple and handy application that they can use to remove grains from their digital photos.

Noise reducer Pro is available for Android and Mac platform on Google Play Store and Mac App Store respectively. The application is free.

It works equally well for both of its Mac and Android versions and the best part: it is completely automatic. For Mac you just need to click on ‘Auto’ to see your photos getting processed for noise. The Android App provides users with three modes of noise correction, two are automatic (light and medium) and the third mode (custom) has a slider for noise correction. You can also compare the original image with the corrected one before saving it to the picture gallery or photo library.

Using Noise reducer pro is probably the best thing that you can do fix grainy photos. It is just a download away.

Smartphone Version

Noise Reducer Pro is available for free on Mac App Store and Google Play Store. So, get your picture pixel-perfect now with the help of Noise Reducer Pro.