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What is Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009?

Advanced Vista Optimizer is a comprehensive set of 25+ tools to Boostup your System's Performance. Its powerful optimizing features like Disk Defragment and Memory Optimizer make your computer always perform like new. The security Tools like Privacy Protector and File Encryptor ensure that you provate data is always safe. Advanced Vista Optimizer gives you access to 35+ tweaks and tuning options, in one program, so that you can customize your copy of windows vista to be your personal copy. It can be scheduled to automatically maintain your system in perfect health by running the optimizing tools without regular user action.

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Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Click for view details Single Click Care for your Windows Vista
Click for view details Perfect Optimization for Your Vista PC
Click for view details Secure Your Vista Computer and Data
Click for view details Make Your Windows Vista PC Personal
Click for view details Know More About Your Windows Vista PC
Single Click Care for your Windows Vista Single Click Care for your Windows Vista

Single Click Vista Optimization
It is the easiest way to optimize your Windows Vista PC. There are common tasks which have been identified by months of research and now included in this Single Click Vista optimization.These tasks include privacy protection, security check and tuneup, junk file removal, managing auto start programs, memory optimization and complete system optimization.

Deep Scan and Quick Scan
There are options to perform deep scan or a quick scan of your system. It is not possible to do a complete scan of the system everytime. You can perform a quick scan to ensure you do not leave any major gape in the security or performance setting of your system. The details can be optimized once you perform a deep scan.

Fast Optimization even for Novice User
For those who are not well acquainted with PC or Windows Vista, Single Click Optimization proves to b a wonderful option. The user may not know anything about computer but she can trust on the research behind Advanced Vista Optimizer. With a Single Click to scan and analyze the computer, and then a single click to optimize the computer, Advanced Vista Optimizer is the fastest and easiest way to optimize your computer.

Multiple Checks at one place
Advanced Vista Optimizer Single Click optimization groups all the checks for your system at one place so that you don't have to look for them at various places in your computer. These checks can be selected or unselected if the you want to perform a particular test only.

View Details of Scanned Results
For new users, Single Click care displays a summary of results before optimization.Advanced users can view more details about the error results and choose the optimizations to be performed from the suggested list. These details incude everything about the error and suggests an action if you want to perform it yourself.

All these activities can be done by a single click of the mouse.

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 Features
Click for view details Single Click Care
Click for view details Optimize Windows Vista
Click for view details Secure Your Windows Vista PC
Click for view details Customize Your Windows Vista
Click for view details Know your Windows Vista System
Single Touch Vista Optimization Single Click Care

This module of Advanced Vista Optimizer is designed for all users to make the most out of their Windows Vista PC without any effort. It includes important tools to optimize system, startup programs, protect your privacy, clean junk files, optimize memory and tuneup your computer for reasonable security.

System Optimization System Optimization

There are multiple settings in a system which need to be set to ensure that the system performs at its best. System Optimization checks your system for 13 such attributes and recommends settings and optimizations. This is a great way to improve your Windows Vista Computer performance without being an expert.

Startup Manager Startup Manager

This part of Single Click Care in Advanced Vista Optimizer helps you optimize the auto start programs in the your Windows Vista Computer. IT will also provide a security rating of the items in the startup. It can assist you in identifying which items to allow and which ones to block.

Privacy Protector Privacy Protector

Your Windows Vista computer may have traces of your Internet history or other activities on the computer like the recently accessed programs, media files played or recent files accessed etc. This may give away your personal information in case of unauthorized access. Advanced Vista Optimizer cleans the system for Privacy Protection.

Junk File Cleaner Junk File Cleaner

There are files on your system which may be empty, or may not be of any use anymore like the files creation at the time of installation of certain software. Advanced Vista Optimizer will scan your system for such files and present you the list for cleaning. Removing junk files can greatly improve your system's response time.

Memory Optimizer Memory Optimizer

Windows Vista is considered to be a resource hog by some and effects like Aero eat up quite a lot of Memory. This may make your Windows Vista computer keep requiring more Memory for other applications. Memory Optimizer frees up unused Memory and optimizes Memory utilization so that you don't have to buy new hardware everytime!

Tune-Up for Reasonable Security Tune-Up for Reasonable Security

There are new User Account Controls and priviledges in Windows Vista. This tune up provides you with reasonable settings for securing your operating system and computer data.

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System Requirements for Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009
Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium or compatible system
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows XP/Vista
Recommended Requirements
Recommended Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium 3.500MHz or Equivalent processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows XP/Vista
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Supported OS Supported OS
Reviews for Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009
Pros I must say, with complete sincerity, that this is one of the most useful and useable utilities for the optimization and advanced configuration I have seen yet. Combining all of the tools found in freeware and 3rd. party products, it''s like having a Windows Vista technition righ in the computer it self. Efficient, easy to use and a blessing for those of us not yet familiar enough with the internal opperations of the new operating system, and yet it still provides several suprises not expected in a utility software of this calliber and classification. Kudos, 3 cheers and "...a job well done!" I would truly pay the SRP for this package without a second thought.

Cons Well, anything that I can think of is already implemented into this utility, and what it does not have... I will be sure to comment on in future communications and submissions - but, as I see it - so far so good.

rating 9
- Brett Zeller

Your product is exceeding ahead of all the products in the market. It works Great!
- Barry Broeders

I got my Vista working perfectly fine after using your product AVO. Thank you
- Mart

I used several tips for boosting the performance of my PC but nothing worked, then I tried your product it works great. After using your product I never felt the need to try any further VISTA optimization Tips. Thank you for introducing such a great product solution for VISTA users like us who always seeks for optimization.
- John Campbell

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 has a lot of potential and it helped me optimize my VISTA. I face no more crashes, system hang-ups and blue screens. I enjoy working on my “Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 Tuned” VISTA.
- Glenn Beaman

I find your application an amazing tool, highly recommended to anybody I know that has a pc.

Please keep me informed of any new products or updates.

God bless and good luck to you all.
- Menachem Fruchter

I used your AVO and the result is amazing performance boost in my VISTA.
- Marcus

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Secure Your Windows Vista PC
Customize Your Windows Vista
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