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Fix missing dll's

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Are you stuck with a Slow Vista PC ?

While Vista may very well be the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft, there are some very unusual things going on that the average user doesn’t realize. If your computer is behaving oddly, and performance seems to be at an all-time low, you’re probably a victim of the dreaded Vista “experience.”

Do you have Vista-related problems ?

  Is your Vista system slow booting up or shutting       down?

  Does it take longer to load programs than it used       to?

  Do games or video-intensive programs seem to       hang or slow way down?

  Do you find your system running low on memory       more frequently?

  Are you tired of poor performance and having to       reboot more often?

Here's How Advanced Vista Optimizer will help-

 Single Click System Care will diagnose and fix      all the incorrect settings and clean all the junk.

 Powerful functions with deep analysis and quick      cleaning.

 Provides Best optimization tweaks.

 Includes awesome Powertools such as Email      Backup and intuitive Photo Editor.

 Optimizes the RAM utilization.

 Enhances system Boot-up Time.


Advanced Vista Optimizer supports Windows XP and VISTA (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Why do I need Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009?

According to recent surveys more than 90% of VISTA PCs become slower within one month of regular use!

One month! And after that, performance continues to degrade, month after month, until you’re left with a barely-usable system that’s so frustrating to use that you can hardly bear to turn it on.

That’s why we developed Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009, the fastest and easiest way we know of to restore your Vista-based PC to like-new performance!
You don’t have to be a techno-geek to use Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009. All you have to do is download it and you have immediate access to over 40 tools designed to fine-tune and optimize Vista’s settings to match your PC and the software you depend on for work and play. It’s nearly automatic!

Don’t Settle For Poor Performance And The Vista Experience

Try Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 right now for FREE! Just download our free trial and see for yourself how quickly and easily you can restore the power and performance that Vista started taking away the first month that you started using it.


Advanced Vista Optimizer supports Windows XP and VISTA (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Following are the extensive features of Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009

Optimizers - Advanced Vista Optimizer offers the following tools to you to optimize your Vista PC. 
Power Tools - Systweak Inc. has combined a host of utilities in Power Tools section of Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 to maintain your system in best of health.

Not available in Free Trial.Get FREE with Registered Version

Security Tools - Gives you details of security settings helps you fix any leaks in the security of your system.

Available in Free Trial. Download Now

Cleaners - Scans and deletes temporary and junk files from the selected drives.

Available in Free Trial. Download Now

Maintenance Tools - Utilities have been provided here for Windows Vista especially but they are as much effective on other operating systems also.

Available in Free Trial. Download Now

Speed Up - Tool to optimize various settings which may help you increase the speed of Windows Vista.

Available in Free Trial. Download Now

Advanced Vista Optimizer has been rated #1 by

Advanced Vista Optimizer has been rated #1 by


"Your product works great and I really appreciate the support and service you continuously provide. Most impressed with Systweak!"

Author: Lorraine Bussche

“I used several tips for boosting the performance of my PC but nothing worked, then I tried your product it works great. After using your product I never felt the need to try any further VISTA optimization Tips. Thank you for introducing such a great product solution for VISTA users like us who always seeks for optimization.”

Author: John Campbell

“I find your application an amazing tool, highly recommended to anybody I know that has a pc.

Please keep me informed of any new products or updates.
God bless and good luck to you all. ”

Author: Menachem Fruchter

Recent Awards

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 Recent Awards

Top 10 Reviews PC Magazine Rating SOFT32.COM LABS Ediror's Review EXCELLENT 100% Clean, NO Adware, No Spyware,No Virus by File Cluster Labs 100% Clean Files, Five Star File Award Download Ready SoftArea 51, Five Star Rating Five Gold Coins by SoftForAll Cool Discovers 100% Clean, NO Adware, No Spyware,No Virus by 5 Out of 5 by SSS

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