Memory Zipper Plus
Memory Zipper Plus  v7.11
Solution to various system memory ailments.
Compatible with: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
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What is Memory Zipper Plus v7.11 ?

Memory Zippler Plus is a Memory Management software for your computer, which ensures that you have enough RAM avilable when you work on multiple applications, watch your favorite videos or play games on your computer. Memory is among the most used resources on your computer and it is essential that it is managed properly, to ensure optimum speed and reliability.

Memory Zipper Plus may also reduce the number of system crashes, PC freezes, unwanted computer shutdown or slowdown etc. It recovers the unused memory of your system and considerably reduces any delay in response from the computer. The two important technologies which are a part of Memory Zipper Plus are Data Safe Technology and CPU Cooler technology. These two components ensure maximum output from your existing hardware. Memory Zipper Plus can extract the peak performance from your computer, without any extra effort.

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Memory Zipper Plus
Fast Memory Optimization
Automatically Optimize RAM
Graphical Representaion of System Memory
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Version v7.11
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Memory Zipper Plus v7.11 Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Click for view details Memory Management and Performance optimization
Click for view details Automatic Optimization of Memory
Click for view details Graphical Representation of Memory Status
Click for view details Data Safe Technology
Memory Management and Performance optimization Memory Management and Performance optimization

Memory Zipper Plus has been designed to manage the System Memory on your computer, to extract the best performance from your computer, without adding any new hardware. It manages the Memory of the PC, reclaiming the unused Memory from the application which are in background or are quit. It coninuously manages this process, ensuring that the tasks and processes in the foreground are given enough resources so that you can finish your work and concentrate on other things at hand. It improves the performance of your system by making maximum resources available for use and this optimal utilization of resources makes your computer faster and more stable.

Memory Zipper Plus v7.11 Features
Click for view details Fast Memory Optimization
Click for view details Automatically Optimize RAM
Click for view details Graphical Representaion of System Memory
Click for view details Secure Your System with Improved Technology
Fast Memory Optimization Fast Memory Optimization

Memory Zipper Plus is designed to optimize memory in seconds, so that you will not even realize that there is an application in the background, working to provide you the best performance out of your system. It reclaims wasted memory and may enhance the performance of your system by upto 400%.

Memory Optimization Settings Memory Optimization Settings

Memory Zipper Plus has been preset to reclaim all the Memory leaks from poorly behaving applications. It is designed to increase the available RAM by efficient distribution of Memory between open applications. You can always use the slider or tweak the settings to your suit your Memory needs.

Optimization Engine Optimization Engine

The Optimization Engine in Memory Zipper Plus uses an intelligent algorithm, which directly manages the Windows Cache Pool. It has been designed to optimize memory at a blazing speed and it usually finishes the optimization within fractions of seconds, giving you optimal performance all the time.

Squeeze RAM Squeeze RAM

Memory Optimizer Plus has a feature to make the maximum possible RAM available for your applications. With Squeeze RAM, you can expect to make enough memory available for even the most RAM hungry applications. It is recommended that you squeeze RAM before starting any Memory intensive application, so that you can get the most out of your existing hardware.

CPU Cooler CPU Cooler

Memory Zipper Plus is a unique tool, which has a built-in CPU Cooler. CPU Cooler get activated when the CPU is idle and controls the CPU to save power. This process keeps the CPU cool and ensures best performance from the computer when you need it the most. CPU Cooler can also increase the overall life of the CPU by saving its running cycles.

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System Requirements for Memory Zipper Plus v7.11
Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium or compatible system
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 98
Recommended Requirements
Recommended Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium 3.500MHz or Equivalent processor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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Supported OS Supported OS
Reviews for Memory Zipper Plus v7.11
Your product Memory Zipper Plus has features that amazingly squeezed and freed up RAM I never knew I had!!
- Michael Mohle

Your product delivers what it had promised. It has beautiful UI, and promising features to free up the memory space.
- Ronald Schmars

Thank you. Excellent product!
- John Campbell

This product saves me a lot of RAM that was wasted on unknown programs. It was really good to try your software.
- William Clark

I used this programs a lot but eventually bought more ram because in the end that is what really improved my speed and now I use this program recommend them. I recommend you buy ram if you haven't got enough because it's so cheap.
- Dirk Jvan Gendt

This is really good, it freed up so much space. I am constantly using almost every program on the computer, and as you know it really takes its toll. But with this, it has optimized my space, and everything runs really quick. YOU MUST TRY IT.
- Jim Sabovich

I like the “Cooling Feature” of the product and also the other options that can be set to increase the computers performance by zipping up the memory space.
- Anthony Scalise

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Memory Zipper Plus v7.11
Powerful memory optimization and management tool
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