Advanced Privacy Protector
Advanced Privacy Protector  v1.0
Freedom from unauthorized intrusion!
Compatible with: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
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What is Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0 ?

Is Your PC Privacy –“Public”?

We care for your PC privacy from being an open door to the global cyberspace. Every single move you make on your computer is leaving its footprint. By simply emptying the Recycle Bin and deleting the Internet cache in web browser will not protect you at all. Most of the computer users are unaware of the fact that Windows and other software programs store traces of the documents accessed on their system. The Windows registry narrates the history of everything you've been doing on your PC. People on the Net seem to be extremely hasty with their own personal data. Your emails, your Internet activity, password files, your PC Privacy – all of it is up for grabs. Why not own a watchdog for your system that provides safety and security at a very low cost? Advanced Privacy Protector is the right utility which would meet your security requirements appropriately and efficiently.

Advanced Privacy Protector gives you all that you and your system needs! Its unique cleansing feature erases the traces left on your system so that no one can follow your activities on your computer. Apart from its hi-tech cleansing functionality, it enhances your system performance and keeps your data secured and confidential.

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Advanced Privacy Protector
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Version v1.0
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Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0 Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Click for view details Protects against identity theft
Click for view details Schedule Cleanup to execute automatically
Click for view details Eliminates Internet Browsing & Registry traces
Click for view details Protect PC privacy silently & boost system’s performance
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Protects against identity theft Protects against identity theft

The Windows registry narrates the history of everything you've been doing on your PC. To make matters worse, a person who wants the information doesn't even have to know much about technology to access it. They just need to know their way around Windows. That is why hacking of a system is an easy task! Even Windows cannot delete such tracks from your system!

Advance Privacy Protector guards against “Identity theft” by avoiding culprits from stealing your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number, Account details or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes without your knowledge (stolen ID). It protects your computer by defending links that leads to the confidential files stored on your system, browser history, website visited links etc., which could lean you into a critical situation.

Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0 Features
Click for view details Customize Your Needs
Click for view details Throw Garbage off your Computer
Click for view details Evolutionary Interface
Download Advanced Privacy Protector
Customize Your Needs Customize Your Needs

Advance privacy Protector is a privacy protection tool that hides your surfing habits and your internet activity over the Internet from being tracked by websites or Internet Service Providers. Advanced Privacy Protector gathers all such information and segregates them accordingly. By default, all the options are selected for cleaning. However, if you do not wish to clear each and every data, uncheck options to retain its log reports.

Advanced Privacy Protector gives you the flexibility to select the traces of information you wish to delete from the system permanently. These options comprise of the following:

  • Deletes the track logs of your activities stored by Windows Desktop Registry Streams. Windows shadows the history track of user actions performed on the PC. These tracks contain sensitive information such as applications you mostly work on, mouse-click history, regularly accessed folders etc. It cleans all such traces by using User Track History.
  • Windows log keeping might be the gateway for unwanted visitors who may try to hunt the decisive information traces or may attempt to steal your identity. Clean up these traces and logs, and free your precious disk space by checking the option Application Logs.
  • Each and every activity is recorded; regarding the files operation performed using File Open and File Save dialog box. This is the reason when you invoke File Open dialog box, the Look In folder ends to the same destination from where you opened the last file. Delete these using Common Dialogs Open-Save History option.
  • To ensure true computer safety and security, to protect your data from hijacking, secure file deleting, and cookie management is always required. Immediately protect your computer privacy by securely clearing all those hidden temporary files, history logs, and the recycle bin with the click of a button.
  • Eliminate all evidences of sensitive files and give your system a better protection guard with good layouts.
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System Requirements for Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0
Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium or compatible system
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 98
Recommended Requirements
Recommended Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium 3.500MHz or Equivalent processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • NT/2000/XP
Download Advanced Privacy Protector
Supported OS Supported OS
Reviews for Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0
When you say your software is good, you're not kidding. Files gone forever, thanks to the e-mail advice given.
- Joseph

The product is buzzy and interesting I really appreciate it.
- Cordell Svengalis

Thank you. Excellent product!
- John Campbell

This is very nice software and the looks are very appealing. Good work!
- Louis Mirabelli

This product is perfect for keeping yourself away from privacy stakes. I was always most bothered about my system information from being stolen. But APP has put all my privacy concerns apart. Using your product is a BIG sigh of relief for me.
- Darryl W. Glass

I am really pleased with your product and have found it to be very useful to keep my computer functioning properly. Again----- Thank You Very Much.
- Flavio R. Mione

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Advanced Privacy Protector v1.0
Freedom from unauthorized intrusion!
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Size: 762 KB
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