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Advanced Email Backup
New Product
Advanced Email Backup  v2.0.396
Complete Backup Solution
Compatible with: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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What is Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396 ?

Advanced Email Backup is an easy and automated Email backup solution. It helps in managing the Email data, by taking a timely backup of the email and settings, ensuring that you can use this data in the unfortunate event of a system failure. Advanced Email Backup allows you to schedule backup of your data, so that even when you are not in front of the computer, your emails are backed. The Emails have become the most important means of communication. In case of loss of such files due to data corruption, accidental deletion, virus, system failure or system crash can be very troublesome for you.

Advanced Email Backup enables you to choose the files and folders that you want to backup. You can also choose the location where you want to backup your data. Once you schedule the backup, you can comfortably relax as your computer's Outlook data will be backed up automatically if your computer is on at the scheduled time. This means that you should never loose your Email, contacts, address book and other important settings.

Download Advanced Email Backup
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Advanced Email Backup
Easy Email Backup and Restore
Compress Mails for Backup
Remove Duplicate Emails
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Download Size 4.50 MB
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Version v2.0.396
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Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396 Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Click for view details Easy to Use Even for Novice
Click for view details Simple Search with Fast Retrieval
Click for view details Protect your Backup with Password
Click for view details Backup with Email Compression
Click for view details Remove Duplicate Emails
Click for view details Schedule your Backup Jobs
Simple Settings for Customization Easily Customize your Backup Settings
Click for view details View Backup Job Details
Click for view details Email Backup for Windows Vista
Easy to Use Even for Novice Easy to Use Even for Novice

Advanced Email Backup is a very easy tool and it comes preset with the default settings, which should be enough for an average user. It is a great tool for even a novice to backup Outlook Email backup. The interface is easy and simple, which doesn't need any special settings or changes. If you are aware of your needs for Outlook Email backup, you can also customize your backup requirements. You can also choose your own settings for backup locations. Advanced Email Backup displays the list of bakups that have been performed on your system, along with restoration data etc. You can also view the schedules that you have created using Advanced Email Backup.

Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396 Features
Click for view details Easy Email Backup and Restore
Click for view details Compress Mails for Backup
Click for view details Remove Duplicate Emails
Click for view details Scheduled Email Backup
Provide password protection Protect your Email Backup with Passwords
Click for view details Easy Email Backup Management
Click for view details Email Backup for Windows Vista
Easy Email Backup and Restore Easy Email Backup and Restore

Advanced Email Backup is one of the easiest applications for the complex task of backup and restore of your Email. It enables you to selectively backup your incoming, outgoing and internal mails which are stored in your mailbox. You can take a backup of all the data in your Outlook, or select the folders which you want to back. You can also choose to take backup copies of your address book, contacts, mail settings, tasks and appointment. As an added feature, Advanced Email Backup also enables you to take a backup of your Internet Explorer settings, My Document folder and important files that you select from your computer. You can choose the destination for saving the backup copy.

Advanced Email Backup has a wizard based interface, to guide you step-by-step, to restore your Email from the backup. You can choose to restore the complete backup or select the folders and settings that you wish to restore.

Complete Email Backup

This is the easiest way to take backup copies of your Email. You can create a backup job to safeguard your complete data from the PST file. You can also select other files on your computer, from the My Document folder or among other data, to add to the backup job. This ensures the complete safety of your Email data and the other files that you choose.

Customize Backup

Advanced Email Backup also allows you to select from various folders and settings in your Outlook. IF you do not wish to take a complete backup for any reason, you can choose what parts of your Email, like selected folders in the mailbox, you want to back. This is meant for the more seasoned computer users, who want to take a backup copy of only the important mails or folders.

Restoration process is simple and you can choose to restore your Email and other data from the file. It is a step-by-step guided interface, which enables you to restore from the complete backup, or select files and settings to restore.

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System Requirements for Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396
Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium or compatible system
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 2000/XP
Recommended Requirements
Recommended Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium 3.500MHz or Equivalent processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Download Advanced Email Backup
Supported OS Supported OS Supported OS
Reviews for Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396
I been using you product over the past few month, and recently upgraded Email Backup Version, it is much-much better than your previous product. I am happy to use the new Advanced Version.
- Jaroslaw Waszczuk

I am very much satisfied with the product purchase and services.
- Louis Mirabelli

I purchased your product and found itís quite satisfying for taking email backup. I can plan my email backup automatically even if in case I forget, since I started using your product I donít find system crashes as ďthreatsĒ anymore coz now I have in hand backup and restoration tool. Thank You!!
- Arthur Ross

Thank you. Excellent product!
- Michal West

Certainly I found your productís Backup and Restoration features excellent and great services!!
- John Neal

Your product has a neatly organized interface, making navigation quick and familiar. Now I am never lost in finding particular mails from my email back up, I just get in seconds with few clicks.
- Edward Wahl

I would have been really knocked down, if I didnít had your product for email back and restoration. Because of your product I was able to restore almost all my important backed up mails when my system got crashed. Godís grace! your product saved me from getting into a big trouble. Thank You so much.
- Wiktor Niemiro

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New Product
Advanced Email Backup v2.0.396
This is a complete backup solution
Download Advanced Email Backup
Size: 4.50 MB
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US$ 34.95
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